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Been off for a while....

2010-02-06 13:32:57 by Zachland

I've been gone for a bit from the newgrounds community. but now i'm back! and fresh with some art for the art portal! go check it out! i wanna be scouted.....

After a long time (5 min.) sitting and thinking about how to get better at flash animating i thought of a few things i could do.

1. Sell my soul to the devil.(if i can get an appointment he's very busy as you know.)
2. Take art classes.(which requires $$$)
3. Just draw stuff.

So i settled on 3 (cus i don't want to pay money and the first one is silly :3) and am going to draw something every day just to get better at drawing in general.

So sit tight and come back everyday to see what i draw.


Heres today which i was gonna just use as a picture for my profile but then i had this idea:

I'm trying to get better at cartoons!!!!

Made a new website in FLEX 3!

2008-12-07 14:02:29 by Zachland

It's pretty cool takes a while to load though...

Made a new website in FLEX 3!